Legal Nomads

Hi. I’m Jodi Ettenberg. Welcome to Legal Nomads.

This is my vaguely chronological account of living and eating my way around the world.


In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer and took off to travel for what I thought would be a year. I had saved up working at a law firm, and I wanted a place to post photos and share crazy stories so that my friends and family could follow along from afar. Legal Nomads was born.

Along the way, I realized I did not want to return to the law. Instead, I kept traveling to the places that left me wide-eyed and smiling. I found myself deeply addicted to noodle soup. I met wonderful people who taught me about places they love.

Over 6 years later, Legal Nomads remains a place to tell stories. It has also morphed into a bigger site, housing resources for world travel, tips for eating street food in the form of my book, and hand-drawn typographic maps of delicious meals. More than anything, it is about connecting to others through food and learning.

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