Featured Photo: Galapagos Iguana with an Attitude

I took hundreds of photographs while on the Galapagos Islands. Those of you who have traveled to the Galapagos and have seen the animals from an astounding closeness know that it is quasi-impossible to put your camera away. When a baby sea lion gazes up at you with soft, huge eyes, who are you to refuse?

On South Plaza island, I stumbled upon this tough-looking, come-hither iguana. “I dare you to take my picture” he (perhaps a she?) seemed to be saying. Of course, I happily obliged.

Land iguana on South Plaza, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

More Galapagos pictures forthcoming in this Featured Photo series, but I had to choose the ‘Iguana with an Attitude’ as the first of the bunch.


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