A List of Great People in Bangkok

As evidenced by the last few posts, I have been staying in Bangkok for several weeks now. After my time in Burma, I stopped briefly in Thailand before heading to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap. I wanted to compare the ruins of Angkor to those of Bagan before the vivid memories of those Burmese ruins faded. I have now been back in Bangkok since the beginning of March, with the goal of writing about Burma in mind. I was so inspired and moved and overwhelmed by the multitude of eye-opening experiences there that I wanted to stay put to capture it all. Fear not: this coverage is still coming. But upon arrival I quickly realized that Bangkok is not a city for the lethargic, and that it also attracts a varied group of intelligent, interesting people whose energy is infectious.

In my brief time here thus far, I have had the pleasure of meeting a slew of digital nomads, journalists and teachers, each of whom have broadened my outlook in a different way. Whether it was running around the red shirt rallies with Rob or John, working on my blog with the digital nomads at their ‘office’ in Thong Lo, or bringing food and supplies to the Immigration Detention Centre with Dwight, I’ve had an eye-opening, enjoyable time. And after many months of continuous travel, it is refreshing to settle down somewhere, albeit temporarily. I’ve rented an apartment, and though I will be heading back to North America in June (in time for TBEX in New York), for the moment this is a perfect arrangement.

So please check out the following list of newfound ex-pat friends here in Bangkok. You won’t be disappointed.

The Digital Nomads:
Greg Jorgensen from Greg to Differ
Cody McKibben from Thrilling Heroics
Mark Wiens from Migrationology
David Walsh from MuseLife
Sean Ogle from Location|180
Nikki Scott from South East Asia Backpackers
Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere
John Berns from JohnBerns.com

Digital Nomads in Bangkok (including me cracking up with laughter)

The Reporters & News Curators:

Newley from Newley.com
Nirmal Ghosh from The Singapore Straits Times
Karla Cripps from CNNGo
John le Fevre from Photo Journ
Nick Koleszar from Thailand 140
Eric Seldin from ThaiCam Production Services

Nirmal Ghosh at the red shirt rallies in Bangkok

The Teachers:

Dwight Turner from the amazing In Search of Sanuk
Rob Newberry from Robnewberry.org
Aloha Lavina from Point of Utterance

Aloha, Rob and Me at the end of a long day of photographing the Red Shirt rallies here in Bangkok.

At the moment I am staying at the HI-Sukhumvit hostel in Thong Lo, with free WiFi and unlimited coffee and plenty great street food nearby. If anyone is looking for a place to stay outside of Khao San road, I would highly recommend it. Extremely clean, convenient and the owners are very sweet. The only downsides are the staff (who are lovely but speak little English, so first-timers here are getting no advice about what to see and do) and the fact that their aircon goes off at 11am so rooms are sweltering during the day. Otherwise, it’s a great bet.

I’m moving to my new apartment on April 1st – fittingly my 2nd anniversary of departure. Though 2010 has not been at all what I expected, my tendency to avoid making plans has yet again panned out for the best, and I am excited to see what the next few months will bring.


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