Military Crackdown in Bangkok – May 19

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UPDATE: Here is what is left of my street.

Smoke over Bangkok, photo courtesy of iBangkok

Early this morning, soldiers and armoured personnel carriers advanced on Silom and at Sala Daeng. Military crackdown is currently ongoing.

Update, 4pm: Most of the red shirt leaders have surrendered to police. In response, the arson and looting has begun, and swaths of Bangkok are on fire. This includes the Siam Square cinema, the Stock Exchange, Channel 3 news, the Klong Toei electricity building and many others.  Twitpic of central Bangkok burning here.

Curfew just announced (4:10pm), citywide, from 8pm today through 6am tomorrow.

For live updates

- via Bangkok Pundit’s Blog

- the Reuters blog

Screenshot of an APC trying to break through the barricade at Sala Daeng

Troops in Central Bangkok on May 19th, early morning. Photo from Reuters.

- My Twitter stream (am retweeting photos/updates from those on the ground), or that of @Newley, @vaitor, & @agnesdherbeys, who are on site.

- Also see TravelFish’s State of Emergency in Bangkok thread. While extremely long, WanderingCat has updated on the situation here in real time, and thoroughly.

Am safely away from the protest area. Sad day for Bangkok.


20 comments to Military Crackdown in Bangkok – May 19

  1. Be safe, Jodi. Following the situation from sleepy Cambodia and I’m on pins and needles. Hoping for the best…

  2. Stay safe Jodi. It really is a sad day for such a wonderful country.

  3. jody my heart really goes out to you and anyone else with you. i am praying so hard that bangkok and thailand can pull through this safely. please be careful and keep us posted,.

  4. Hi Jodi, take care in Bangkok. This is a really tragic situation, I hope that a peaceful solution can be reached soon for the sake of the Thai people and all of us who love to visit.

  5. Even though I haven’t yet had the chance to visit Thailand, watching the ongoing coverage just makes my heart sink. Very sad times. Take care of yourself.

  6. Thanks everyone. Been a long week and hopefully tonight it won’t get uglier. Very sad for Bangkok, and for Thailand.

  7. Thanks for keeping us up today. I hope to see you save at TBEX soon.

  8. Thanks to your Twitter stream, I saw some of the photos of Central World burning and other images of Bangkok over the last few days. So, so sad. It really is so heartbreaking to see a place like Bangkok fall apart and get more violent like this. I’m glad you are safe and are staying cautious. Good luck and stay safe!!

  9. When I saw the state of emergency the other day, I couldn’t believe it. Those pictures are just insane. Hope you are having fun and away from the danger.

  10. It is sad. Exacting change can be ugly and violent. Whatever happens, hopefully some peace and order can be restored. More so – level headed talks. As everyone said here – hope you’re keeping safe and thanks for updating not only us, but the world.

  11. Please take care, Jodi. I am following the events while in Laos. Its hard to believe just how much everything has changed since I last saw you there. Thank you for your updates, info, and photos. Be safe.

  12. Some crazy stuff! I wonder when the violence will end, and whether the surrendering by the Red Shirts is for real. I heard it’s not, and that the real militants are about to come out.

  13. pics r soul stirrings-why the riots in such a peaceful place.

  14. Wow, these are some crazy pictures. Really sorry to hear that this was your hometown. I just stumbled on here looking for pics of Thailand.

  15. It was a temporary hometown – I’m originally from Montreal. But yes, crazy photos and a very sad devolution to see in front of you. Thanks for the comment – if you have any questions about Thailand please feel free to email me using the contact form above. I’m back here now, for the next few months. -Jodi


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