The Hater’s Guide to Eat, Pray, Love

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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed on as a freelancer for CNNGo. While not a regular contributor, I will be occasionally writing articles for their fun Asia-based travel site. My first assignment was a review of the movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. While I enjoyed the book, I thought the movie was a disaster and that it didn’t do justice to Gilbert’s story.

The article went up yesterday, so please go check it out and comment away!

Photo of a butterfly dining on Balinese offering in Ubud, Bali from my Bali Roundup.

This also marks the first time I’ve been paid to write anything other than a legal contract, and the first time I’ve worked since I quit my job in 2008. It’s quite the milestone for me! While it’s only one article, it remains a wonderful way to cap off these last few years of travel and a whole new audience to write for.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

14 comments to The Hater’s Guide to Eat, Pray, Love

  1. Congrats on your paid work :) Will head over to read review of Eat, Pray, Love now…

  2. Congratulations! That sounds very exciting!

  3. Huge congrats Jodi – it must feel so amazing to see your name in a by-line! :-)

  4. Super congrats AND beautiful pic!

  5. Congratulations! And I completely agree about “Eat, Pray, Love” the movie. I couldn’t have been more disappointed!

  6. Congrats Jodi! I haven’t even read Eat, Pray, Love – I was afraid I would hate it.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Aimee: the book was enjoyable, but I think that once it got scooped up by the Oprah zeitgeist it became a Fix Everything This Way manual, and as a result there are hordes of people in Ubud following in Gilbert’s footsteps. I thought her prose did get too flowery and at times I got bored, but as personal memoirs go, I found hers compelling.

  8. Wow – that’s so incredible, Jodi… and you probably got to see the movie for free too! We look forward to reading your future articles, wherever they happen to be posted.

  9. congrats! great article, too–nice not to hear people just mindlessly praising that movie.

  10. way to go ;-) congratulations!

  11. Just read your article having also written one about Eat Pray Love. I lived in bali for 7 months and was there when it was filmed so was curious to watch the movie…it did feel very forced.

  12. @Freedom29: Didn’t get to see the movie for free, but being paid for the article means I can treat it as such :) Thanks for the support!

    @Delia & Happy Trails: glad you enjoyed!

    @Pommie Travels: Definitely a strange sight to now see the tours of Ubud retracing Gilbert’s footsteps. I’d be shocked if she wanted her story to be taken that way, but I suppose that’s what happens when it appeals to the masses.

  13. Haven’t seen the movie…but I did read the book, and my opinion is pretty similar to yours.

    By the way, exactly how many paid articles does it take to travel around the world? ;) Did you keep track of your expenses that closely? (Sorry to be nosy, but I’ve been following your travels for a while and am both rude & curious)

  14. Hi Reba, this article was actually the first income I had since I quit my job in 2008. I saved up for years working to travel, and that was how I paid for my trip around the world. I did track expenses and part of why I am able to travel for as long as I have was that I have stayed in cheaper destinations like Southeast Asia. Thanks for reading!