Instagramming Iceland

Iceland was magical. With only a few days in the country, I was limited in time but what I did see completely bowled me over. Autumn turned the landscape into a carpet of ochres and reds and patches of mossy green; the weather was so unpredictable that I kept having to remind myself I was in the same country from one minute to the next. Driving the Golden Circle (to Gullfoss, Thingvellir and Geysir) in a day brought some unexpected weather karma too – buckets of sideways sleet and rain would accompany the drive from one place to another, with the sun bursting through the moment the car stopped and it was time to get out.

The long weekend was a perfect marriage of otherworldly scenery and good vodka; days were spent in the car outside Reykjavik or roaming the capital’s streets and nights out bar-hopping with the locals, who know how to party. I’ll be posting on where to find cheap food in town as it’s quite an expensive city, but for now I will leave you with some of the photos from my trip.

Photos from Iceland: Gullfoss

Gullfoss, misty and beautiful.

Photos from Iceland: Gullfoss

A break in the clouds on the Golden Circle drive.

Photos from Iceland: Thingvellir

Me capturing the scene in Thingvellir.

Reykjavik advertisement

Reykjavik advertisement begs its own question.

Cod miso soup at Sushibarinn

Cod miso soup at Sushibarinn.

Reykjavik harbor, Iceland

Reykjavik harbour

Photos from Iceland: Reykjavik

Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik.

Cod and curry sauce in Reykjavik, Iceland

Cod and curry sauce with grilled potatoes in Reykjavik.

Thingvellir, Iceland

Thingvellir, Iceland: tectonic shifts, continental drifts & gorgeous scenery.

Another from Thingvellir, Iceland

Another from Thingvellir.

Autumn in Iceland

Autumn in Iceland

One of many rainbows on the Iceland Golden Circle

One of many rainbows on the drive.

Beautiful drive around the Golden Circle in Iceland

Beautiful drive. My face hurt from smiling so much.

Shooting geyser photos in the mist.

Shooting geyser photos in the mist.

Lamb from Fishmarket, in Rekyjavik

Lamb from Fishmarket, in Rekyjavik

A geysir in Geysir, Iceland

A geysir in Geysir, Iceland.

A sliver of sun in the clouds, Iceland

A sliver of sun in the clouds.

Reflected houses on a street mirror in Reykjavik

Reflected houses on a street mirror in Reykjavik

Vanilla Skyr: breakfast of champions.

Vanilla Skyr in Iceland

Reyka Vodka in Iceland: dinner of champions. (Not a wise move.)

Reyka Vodka in Iceland

And, the goodbye from Icelandair….

Icelandair free stopover in Reykjavik

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