Video: Interview with Bloomberg Law for their Stealth Lawyer Series

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Part of what makes my life of winters eating in Asia and summers back in North America interesting are the opportunities that arise when I’m back in the USA and Canada. I was asked to come into the Bloomberg Law studios in NYC this week to do a short (17 minute) interview with┬áSpencer Mazyck for his “Stealth Lawyer” series. The series, much like my Thrillable Hours┬áseries here, spotlights lawyers doing interesting things. It was a pleasure to meet Spencer and participate in the series, and I hope you enjoy.

In addition, two events upcoming in NYC:

1) Apple Store, 14th street tomorrow evening. I’ll be talking about food and travel. If you’re free and would like to attend please RSVP at this link. (Midway down the page is a photo of me with the link for “reserve”).

2) I’m hosting a reader meetup for Vietnamese eats and likely some drinks thereafter, on 23 July in NYC. You can RSVP here.

I’ll be in NY for a few weeks and then I’m spending the month of August in San Francisco (yay!). I’ve never been other than briefly for a wedding in 2008, so I’m going to be asking for food thoughts from those of you in the know.

Thanks, as always, for your support! Exciting times.


p.s. Thanks to Nam Quan for the very funny photo shoot in Vietnam that involved me, a Macbook and a motorbike. The featured photo from this post is from him.

45 comments to Video: Interview with Bloomberg Law for their Stealth Lawyer Series

  1. Congrats Jodi! That was so good to see you on TV and it would be great to see you do more video :)

  2. August in San Francisco is the best time of year to visit this city. Please don’t forget to check out Sonoma county nearby for the excellent wine.

  3. Awesome interview Jodi. I loved hearing your story and how everything has unfolded for you in such a natural way. Truly, anything is possible so you might as well follow your heart. I’ve just been reading your books too – very inspiring. Thanks for all the great tips.

  4. Wonderful interview Jodi. You’re a natural public speaker!

  5. Great video Jodi. It was fun to learn more about your background and your monkey misadventure!

  6. Well done Jodi. Congratulations for getting this interview!

  7. Great video Jodi… so inspiring! Thank you :-)

  8. On July 17, 2013 at 1:42 pm Dorothy Ernst said:

    I really enjoyed this interview. You are so inspirational. Continued success on your travels.

  9. Hollywood. Mila Kunis of the Culinary World. Can I say “I read you when…” when you’re a super star?

  10. Great interview, Jodi. Really inspiring!

  11. You’re awesome, Jodi! Hope to see you while you’re here in San Francisco. Curious to hear your thoughts on my favorite Vietnamese restaurants around the hood :)

  12. On July 17, 2013 at 4:35 pm rubin pham said:

    i just watched the video, you are a natural born public speakers!

  13. Great interview Jodi. You looked great! A natural!

  14. Jodi, it’s my first time on your blog, just watched the interview and I can’t help but join others: this was an excellent interview! I liked how eloquent and natural you were, I’m definitely going to be following you from now on! ;)

  15. Jodi, you are such a natural! You were unbelievably eloquent and came across so relaxed. I loved it and want more — how do we get you to be a TV regular?

  16. Awesome interview. Thanks for all the helpful tips!!!!

  17. Really enjoyed the interview, Jodi! Such a natural. Congratulations.

  18. Jodi, congrats! I love watching this and seeing your expressions. Such a great interview. Look forward to more of your stories from the summer, and fingers crossed I’ll make it to Vietnam one of these days when you are around there :)

  19. It has been fun to watch your interviews over the past couple of years – in each one you are more articulate and comfortable in front of the camera (though you started out very natural and well-spoken anyway). And in this one, your hair is really shiny too!

  20. I agree with all the aforementioned comments and remain very proud and honored to have witnessed your evolution and growth for years. Your poise, passion and eloquence are inspiring!! Congratulations, Jodi!

  21. August in SF? I may just have to make an appearance!

  22. Loved the IPO anecdote. When I first started my career in health policy I didn’t know what Medicaid was and my boss almost fell out of his chair. Oops.

    Also your accent is fabulous, very refined.

  23. Fantastic job! Can’t wait to see you take over the food network with your own program highlighting the street food of Asia.

    Just let me know when to tune in!

  24. Jodi-you are such a natural i front of the camera. I hope you’ll be doing more video work. Your story is always inspiring, no matter how many times i hear it. And somehow, you manage to put a new little twist on it each time.

  25. Try out Manzanilla – new Spanish restaurant on 26th and Park

  26. Homerun…again! I love the no-plan, plan thinking. It seems so many people require I explain my “plan” when talking about future RTW travels. Your willingness to stay open and flexible without fear of judgment is inspiring. Thank you.

  27. Love it. A little history lesson!

  28. Wonderful interview, Jodi! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog for travel trips in preparation for my around the world project :-)

  29. Awesome interview! So inspiring :-) Just bought your book and can’t wait to read it. Please let us know if you’re doing any speaking engagements in San Fran because we’ll be there soon and would love to see you!

  30. Great interview. I agree: You’re a natural in front of the camera.

  31. How did you feel during the interview? I am so proud of you. It’s like seeing your career budding as a professional writer and being a celebrity. More people are starting to know you. :) I’d love to meet you someday, hopefully.

  32. I am feeling excited after watching your interview.You were awesome at interview.And really inspiring.

  33. Great to see someone has gotten out! I remember buying one of those “what you can do with a law degree” books when I was at my first big firm job and being completely depressed at the (lack of) options. I’m still in the law now but in a much better job that I love, while most of my friends are still toiling away at firms. Love how you just went it did it. Hope you have continued success!

  34. I loved getting this little dose of Jodi! Your stories are the best. xo

  35. Love the vid, well worth the 17 minutes (and waiting for more videos)! Now off to buy my chopsticks for travel.. :)

  36. Love it! Great interview.


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