Video: Interview with Bloomberg Law for their Stealth Lawyer Series

Part of what makes my life of winters eating in Asia and summers back in North America interesting are the opportunities that arise when I’m back in the USA and Canada. I was asked to come into the Bloomberg Law studios in NYC this week to do a short (17 minute) interview with Spencer Mazyck for his “Stealth Lawyer” series. The series, much like my Thrillable Hours series here, spotlights lawyers doing interesting things. It was a pleasure to meet Spencer and participate in the series, and I hope you enjoy.

In addition, two events upcoming in NYC:

1) Apple Store, 14th street tomorrow evening. I’ll be talking about food and travel. If you’re free and would like to attend please RSVP at this link. (Midway down the page is a photo of me with the link for “reserve”).

2) I’m hosting a reader meetup for Vietnamese eats and likely some drinks thereafter, on 23 July in NYC. You can RSVP here.

I’ll be in NY for a few weeks and then I’m spending the month of August in San Francisco (yay!). I’ve never been other than briefly for a wedding in 2008, so I’m going to be asking for food thoughts from those of you in the know.

Thanks, as always, for your support! Exciting times.


p.s. Thanks to Nam Quan for the very funny photo shoot in Vietnam that involved me, a Macbook and a motorbike. The featured photo from this post is from him.

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