Alternative Careers for Lawyers

When I quit my job as a corporate lawyer in 2008, I thought that I was taking a one year sabbatical to travel around the world. I never expected that this blog, something I started to keep my family and friends updated about where I was going, would turn into a bigger project, and eventually a new career.

As the site grew, I received more and more emails from lawyers and law students confused about what options existed for them with their background. Some were miserable, some were bored, others were just curious.

I decided to put together a series on alternative careers for lawyers, one that used the same 5 questions for each former attorney to ask them how they saw the world today, and to let them provide advice for readers seeking information a career change. I called it Thrillable Hours, a play on billable hours, which I found hilarious and non-lawyers find baffling.

Thrillable Hours: Career Q&As for Lawyers

In addition to the series below, I wrote a piece in 2015 on Redbook about why I quit my job, and what to think about if you are considering doing the same.

Resources and Articles

There are also a few other sites around the web that provide resources for lawyers seeking a career change:


I hope this series is helpful! I know I have learned a lot from the interviewees, and look forward to continuing to interview and highlight these smart and interesting people.