What am I up to now?

oaxaca mexico

Last in: Oaxaca De Juarez, Mexico

This page is the most up to date snapshot of what I am working on, since the site rarely reflects real-time.

I am currently in Indianapolis, Indiana visiting family.

From here, I’ll be heading to New York for meetings and a reader meetup, then back to Montreal for the month of August. I’ve yet to explore my city after I quit my job as a lawyer, and this seems like a great time — a WARM time — to get to know it again!

What I’m working on here at Legal Nomads:

  • Updating the site’s taxonomy. It’s a sprawling mess of 80 categories after 7.5 years of blogging. I’m working to rearrange the flow of the site into main categories of food and travel writing, personal stories, courses and workshops. I’m mostly done with this endeavour and I’m excited to re-direct user flow into a much more organized system soon!
  • Adding destination pages and a map for readers to browse by country. Each destination page will have a list of recommended books and longform articles to read before you go. The first one is now done — The Legal Nomads Australia Travel Guide!
  • Working on the gluten free cards project. For more about that, click here. I hired a lovely celiac named Anne to help me build out the project. We have translated Spain already, and are working on Portugal, Morocco, China. Since the last update, I’ve put up the Vietnam and Italy guides.
  • I have written about my Vipassana silent meditation course, as promised. The piece is here. I’ll be writing more in the wellness category, about travel with anxiety, conquering a fear of public speaking, dealing with jetlag, and much more.
  • Answering reader emails, which I always do myself.
  • Building a writing workshop that I will run for people who want to work on storytelling and writing in an interconnected, online world.

Connect with me:

jodi ettenberg

“Let me tell you how you can connect with me…” Thanks to reader Alain Wong for this fun photo, taken during my Montreal Reader Meetup. You can find his photos here.

As always, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Last update for this page: July 15, 2016.

Thanks to Derek for /now inspiration.