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This page houses the press interviews, general Q&As, podcasts and other mentions from my years of running Legal Nomads, as well as contributions to other sites around the web. For public speaking and freelance writing and photography work, please see my public speaking page.

This page is updated frequently, and links are in reverse chronological order.

Table of Contents

General Press and Site Mentions
Press about the Legal Nomads Instagram Feed
Press for Food Writing and The Food Traveler’s Handbook
Freelance Writing & Interviews
Audio and Podcasts

General Press and Site Mentions

Jodi Ettenberg



Press about the Legal Nomads Instagram Feed

Specific Coverage about Food

This is a separate subsection for press covering my book,  The Food Traveler’s Handbook, published in late 2012, as well as expertise in the food and travel sphere.

the food traveler's handbook

Freelance Writing and Selected Interviews


Jodi Ettenberg at the World Domination Summit

Audio Interviews/Podcasts