What Am I Up to Now?

oaxaca mexico

Last in: Oaxaca De Juarez, Mexico

This page is the most up to date snapshot of what I am working on, since the site rarely reflects real-time.

I am currently in: New York until September.

I’ll be heading to Montreal in September, and then returning to Oaxaca (where the photo above is from!) for the winter months.

Some Updates Here At Legal Nomads:

  • I celebrated 9 years of writing and eating here at Legal Nomads. My personal thoughts are here.
  • As a celiac, it’s been a challenge to travel and eat safely, even though I love to learn through food. While the main purpose of the site is narrative-based writing, I’ve started building very detailed gluten-free translation cards, as well as guides for those seeking to travel. The guides are free, but cards are available for purchase, to help offset the cost of translating and building them. These cards are different because they account for cross-contamination, are researched by a celiac, use local food names, and are translated by native speakers. Recently (summer 2017) – Mexico and France! These cards were recently featured in the New York Times – woohoo!
  • Continuing to profile lawyers doing fun things in my Thrillable Hours series. Most recently: the amazing author and speaker Karen Walrond and the wonderful financial journalist Matt Levine.
  • If you’re hungry, I’ve been feeding readers coming through Oaxaca via street food crawl around the city. You can learn more on my Food Walks page. The 2017-2018 season starts October 11. These include market visits, mezcal, and many great tacos!
  • I’ve revamped and updated my travel resources page, now at 12,000 words. Newly added: budgets for travel to Africa, Cuba, and much of Southeast Asia. New packing lists. Updated first aid kits. Likes for solo female travelers. I hope it’s useful!
  • Answering reader emails, which I always do myself.
  • Building a writing and storytelling workshop that I will run for people who want to work on storytelling and writing in an interconnected, online world. You can learn more and sign up for updates here.

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Last update for this page: August 4, 2017

Thanks to Derek for /now inspiration.