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Lombok to Flores by boat

Adventures in Indonesia:
Lombok to Flores by Boat

Some trips start out with the sudden realization that something is just not right. My 4-night slow boat trip from Gili Trawangan, Indonesia to Flores Island was one of those trips. It began with my minibus driver’s drunken babbling, and progressed from there.

Top 40 Things I Will Miss about El Nido

After 2 glorious months living on the edge of the Bacuit Bay, fishing for dinner and playing with the resident dogs, cats and small children, it is time to leave El Nido. Here is a list of the Top 40 things I will miss once I am gone.

el nido

Palawan Paradise Part 4:
El Nido, The Philippines

I currently work and live in a town where air sirens go off every night to tell the errant children that they need to go to bed. Twice a night, actually – the first siren is a warning, the second a ‘get to bed now’. I love watching the tourists’ faces as they register that the loud wailing is, in fact, an air siren.