Long-Term Travel

The Official Birdcrap Counter: Documenting the Crap

Before jumping into my Burma coverage, I need to share a disturbing problem I’ve had on my round-the-world trip: birds love to shit on me. On this round-the-world trip alone, 9 birds have crapped on my head.

Small world stories in the Antarctic

Travel Lesson of the Day: The Universe is Tiny

Two things have remained constant within the sandbox of my long-term travels: the moment I become complacent is the moment the carpet gets pulled out from under my feet, and I manage to stumble across the same people in completely different, seemingly unrelated places.

packing for travel, years later.

Gear Update: 18 Months of Travel Later

I started my trip trekking in South America, but after moving on to Asia and spending over a year here thus far, I’ve significantly changed the way that I pack and wanted to update everyone on what works for me and what does not.

Me and my yurt in the Gobi Mongolia

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road … and Things to Avoid

Most people do get sick on the road at one point in their travels. If you are lucky, your illness will require a quick trip to the doctor and some antibiotics or anti-parasite medication. If you are me, your illnesses will straddle several continents, a multitude of body parts and an exploration of Eastern and Western medicine – all in the span of one year.

My Favorite Expression in the Whole Wide World

Like most travellers I know, I try at a minimum to learn the basics in any new country’s language, but the first real expression I try to learn is always the same, no matter where I am on earth: how to say “no problem.”

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