Personal Musings

Art by Gordon Johnson

On Turning 40 With An Ancient Heart

The Carlo Levi quote “the future has an ancient heart’ came to mind when I turned 40. This is a personal post, about learning to find joy again when life hands you catastrophe.

A Eulogy for my Grandfather

My grandfather’s incredible life story, including how my grandparents fell in love at first sight and got engaged the day they met during WWII.

CSF Leak and Blood Patch Recovery: My Story

The Spinal Tap That Changed My Life

After a spinal tap led to a cerebrospinal leak, my life of travel and food changed overnight. To mark ten years of long term travel, I wanted to share what really happened and what comes next.

gluten free translation cards

9 Years of Legal Nomads

Annual review to mark the 9th anniversary of leaving the law. Personal growth, health, and business projects for Legal Nomads.

learning to cope with chronic pain

Learning to Cope With Chronic Pain

Almost 9 years into nomad living, I’ve decided to establish a base to help me manage my chronic pain. In this post, I share why, as well as 10 tips for coping with pain more effectively.

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