Lobster steamed to perfection

A delicious lobster dinner in El Nido, Palawan

One of the great things about living in El Nido is the abundance of fresh, delicious seafood, at a price point that makes most tourists salivate. A whole grilled fish is usually the cheapest thing on the menu here (from 120-260 pesos/$2.50-$3.35), and is usually stuffed with herbs, tomatoes and onions.

el nido

Palawan Paradise Part 4:
El Nido, The Philippines

I currently work and live in a town where air sirens go off every night to tell the errant children that they need to go to bed. Twice a night, actually – the first siren is a warning, the second a ‘get to bed now’. I love watching the tourists’ faces as they register that the loud wailing is, in fact, an air siren.