Video Interview: The Ups and Downs of Worldwide Travel

When I returned to North America from Asia last summer, I met John Palacio at the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference, and he asked me to come to his studio later that year and record an episode of Trip on a Deal. In what was my first time on camera, I went and joined him and his co-host Luz Montez for a recording session in New York late in the summer about the ups and downs of worldwide travel.

The episode went up this week, and I thought I’d share it here. I realize I never post videos on Legal Nomads (with the exception of incoming tropical storms or spider-killing), and figured it would be a nice change! Since this is the first time I’ve recorded anything, I should note that I do, in fact, look absolutely terrified for about the first 45 seconds. But starting to talk about adventures in transportation got me into a more comfortable place, and I relaxed considerably. I initially wanted to crawl under a rock watching myself on video, but I’ve been assured that this is entirely normal and most people feel the same way.

They asked about the positives and negatives from my years of travel and the things that I’ve learned from as I’ve wandered. I am always grateful for this blog because it allows me to have a compendium of stories about my travels in ways I would not have expected; a living memory to the things I’ve done and experienced. But it’s definitely a different perspective to see it in video, and a good overview of the adventures of the last few years.

I’m never sure where it will all lead but I sure as hell never expected it to be a new line of work and a site that had readers who weren’t just family and close friends. So to whatever comes next, adventurous as it may be, I look forward to seeing where I end up. Hopefully not the last of the videos I post in the coming years but first I need to get over my fear of seeing myself on camera.

A big thanks to Luz and John for the invite and for hosting me in their studio. I hope you enjoy the interview!

One Woman’s Around The World Journey by TriponaDeal

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