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Hi, I’m Jodi. Welcome to Legal Nomads.

In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer to visit Siberia. I started Legal Nomads to share photos and stories from my travels with friends and family. I planned to take only a year sabbatical to travel the world.

I never returned to the law. Instead, this site became the backbone of a new career in the decade that followed. As its audience grew, so did my appetite. Food was the best way I could connect to others in a new place. As a celiac, learning about food helped me navigate with less anxiety and chance of illness.

In 2017, a lumbar puncture derailed my life when it left me with a chronic spinal CSF leak, and disabled. Though my travels ground to a halt as a result, Legal Nomads remains a place to share lessons from the road, gluten free travel guides, and alternative careers for those wanting to leave the practice of law. On my sister site, I share resources about coping with grief and chronic pain, and what I’ve learned from this journey with chronic illness.

Through it all, Legal Nomads remains a place to connect with others through curiosity and discovery. I hope you enjoy reading!

Jodi Ettenberg: gluten free travel and life after law | Legal Nomads


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