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Welcome to the Legal Nomads “Links I Loved” newsletter.

When I started a newsletter, I didn’t want it to be “me” centric. The blog is an update of its own, so instead these emails give a brief update about my travels and work, and focus on some of the best reading from the web.

I called the newsletter Links I Loved — the reason is obvious! — and it’s been wonderful to highlight thought provoking reading from around the web, beautiful photoessays, and quirky blog posts from people around the world.

A little about what I’ve got going on, before your next newsletter arrives:

Typographic Food Maps

If you love food, travel, and art like I do, check out my hand-drawn food maps! There will be 10 of these in total, and next up is Japan.

Food and Travel Writing

If you’re new to Legal Nomads you might want to check out my Best Articles page, divided into the topic like food and travel and personal stories.

I should warn you though.. there’s QUITE a bit of soup here.

legal nomads newsletter

Some of the pieces on Legal Nomads that I’m particularly fond of:

Gluten Free Guides and Celiac Translation Cards:

If you have celiac disease like I do, you might want to check out my gluten free translation guides here.

A Little About Me:

jodi ettenberg

Don’t worry, I’m not usually this serious.

For more about me, check out the About Page, but here’s the short version.

Originally from Montreal, I went to McGill law school because someone bet me I couldn’t get in at the young age of 18. They were wrong. Recruited to a big law firm in New York, I spent over 5 years working as an attorney. In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer for what I thought would be a one-year trip around the world.

Many years later it is now my primary business and has led to a book about food, fun public speaking opportunities, and by lines in National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC and more. (See my Press Page here for links, if interested). The unexpected new career has also led to meeting readers and travellers around the world, and learning from them in the process.

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