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This monthly newsletter is free, and the next generation of my initial newsletter, Links I Loved. Following my spinal cerebrospinal fluid leak, my “standing up” time is limited. I therefore combined my newsletters together into one publication, one that both updates people about the business and pieces I’ve written, and also shares the best of the web in terms of what I’ve read that’s excellent.

CAE Archives

Nov 15, 2020               CAE 1
Oct 25, 2020               Background to the newsletter / summary of the last few years.
Dec 20, 2020              CAE 2
Jan 17, 2021                CAE 3
Mar 4, 2021                CAE 4
Apr 4, 2021                 CAE 5

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A Little About Me:

jodi ettenberg
Don’t worry, I’m not usually this serious.

For more about me, check out the About Page, but here’s the short version.

Originally from Montreal, I went to McGill law school because someone bet me I couldn’t get in at the young age of 18. They were wrong. Recruited to a big law firm in New York, I spent over 5 years working as an attorney. In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer for what I thought would be a one-year trip around the world.

Many years later it became my primary business and led to a book about food, fun public speaking opportunities, and bylines in National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC and more. (See my Press Page here for links, if interested).

Unexpectedly, in 2017, my life was derailed by a spinal tap that left me disabled. I continued to share with this community, including grappling with grief, and loss, and how to maintain joy in a life that gets very small.

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