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Food, Glorious Food

While the site didn’t start out being about food, the more I traveled the more I obsessed over the new dishes I was trying and how food connected people around the world. This landing page is divided into the different categories of writing that are food related.

Bon appetit!

1. Gluten Free Guides

As a celiac who has struggled to find food safely as I’ve traveled, I wanted to put together a set of tips and posts for people who were anxious to eat while they explored the world.

Latest in Gluten Free Eating

For resources specific to celiacs, and long-form gluten free guides with detailed translation cards, please see my Gluten Free Travel page.

2. Food History and Narrative

Pieces about where certain dishes or ingredients come from, and how they are connected within the wide world we live in. This category also includes the longer form food writing about people and places that I’ve penned during my years of stuffing my face around the world.

Latest in Food History

brief history of fish sauce

A Brief History of Fish Sauce

A brief history of fish sauce, from Roman Times through to today’s use in many Southeast Asian cuisines. Pungent and delicious! Includes further reading.

gluten free mole

Is Mole Sauce Gluten Free?

Oaxaca, land of 7 moles, is a delicious place to eat. For celiacs, Oaxaca mole sauce isn’t all safe. A guide for your stomach.

For all of the food history pieces, see here.

3. Recipes from Around the World

Readers started to ask me for some recipes a few years back, and it has been fun to occasionally post instructions on how to make one of the dishes I’ve loved and experienced on the road. This category features these recipes in simple terms, often with links to books from that country that you can read and enjoy.

Latest in Recipes

Hungry enough to eat? For all the recipes on Legal Nomads click here.

4. Food Artwork and Posters

As part of the Legal Nomads site, I’ve started an eCommerce site that features hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind maps of food that were commissioned specifically for me. I’ll be doing 10 countries in all, and they are all found on the Legal Nomads store.

These posts feature the maps as well as some of the other fun artwork I’ve commissioned, like my “Say no to Olives” shirts.

Latest in Artwork

Food map of Italy

Art Inspired by Food

How a one-off Vietnam map turned into a shop selling tote bags, t-shirts, and more.

hand-drawn typographic map of vietnam

Introducing the Legal Nomads Shop

One of a kind maps, both in t-shirt and poster form, FINALLY available in a shop. Yeah, I know, it only took me six months to build it…

5. Inspiring Reads for Food Lovers

A book is not a living tree, unlike a blog post. Thus, while I am thrilled to share the tips and tricks and many resources I’ve gathered together in The Food Traveler’s Handbook, I also wanted to house additional sources of knowledge. This page will continue to grow, even before a 2nd edition of the book is released, with books to read, sites to learn from and delicious food to focus on from around the world.

(More tips and tricks available in the Food Traveler’s Handbook, for sale on Amazon.)