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This page houses the press interviews, general Q&As, podcasts and other mentions from my years of running Legal Nomads, as well as contributions to other sites around the web. For public speaking and freelance writing and photography work, please see my public speaking page.

I’m thrilled and honoured that Legal Nomads – and my story – have resonated with so many publications, including The New York Times, BBC Travel, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, and more.

This page is updated frequently, and links are in reverse chronological order.

General Press and Site Mentions

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Press about the Legal Nomads Gluten Free Translation Cards

As a celiac who was diagnosed before the recent trend of gluten free eating, I’ve long struggled to eat safely around the world. While there are great gluten free cards for those avoiding it in their meals, for celiacs the issue is far more complicated. Cross-contamination, flavor-enhancers like Maggi sauce or bouillon cubes, and soy sauce all create days of issues.

As a result I’ve started to build what I’ve referred to as the Gluten Free Cards Project, super detailed celiac translation cards written and researched by someone who loves to eat AND has the disease, and is passed through two sets of translators to ensure accuracy.

Press for the Food Traveler’s Handbook

This is a separate subsection for press covering my book,  The Food Traveler’s Handbook, published in late 2012, as well as expertise in the food and travel sphere.

the food traveler's handbook

Freelance Writing & Interviews


Jodi Ettenberg at the World Domination Summit

Audio Interviews/Podcasts

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