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Hey! So glad you want to get in touch. Please read the following before you do. It’ll save us both a lot of headaches.

I receive many emails, and I try to respond to all of them personally. I don’t have an assistant who replies to emails on my behalf, as I want to be available to readers as me.

Before you email me, please read through my guidelines below. If you’re still unsure, my About Page gives more information.

I ran this site for many years without contact guidelines, but due to the volume of emails I wanted to give a bit more guidance. This will help ensure you receive a useful reply, and will streamline getting back to you more easily.

 If you are pitching me a product, startup, or app, you need to take some time to look at my site and how it is run. I say in multiple places that I do not take sponsored posts, advertising, guest posts, do link exchanges, or sell links. I also don’t run a site for online gambling, so telling me it’s a ‘great fit’ for your website isn’t going to endear you to me either. I am always interested in creative ideas and exciting new products, but you need to explain why yours will help my site or readers. 
  • If you have a suggestion for my Thrillable Hours series, I’m all ears. I love to meet lawyers doing interesting things.

The best way to reach me is via email using the form below.

In addition, I can be found on Twitter, at the Legal Nomads Facebook Fan Page, and — most frequently of all — on Instagram.

For press / interviews I’ve done in the past, please see my Press/PR page.


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