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Hey! So glad you want to get in touch. Please read below before you do. It’ll save us both a headache.

I receive many emails, and I try to respond to all of them personally. I don’t have an assistant who replies to emails on my behalf. I want to be available to readers “as” me, and I have really enjoyed hearing their stories and experiences during my many years of travel.

Before you email me, please read through my guidelines below. If you’re still unsure, my About Page gives more information.

I ran this site for many years without contact guidelines, but due to the volume of emails I wanted to give a bit more guidance. This will help ensure you receive a useful reply, and will streamline getting back to you more easily.

If you are pitching me a product, book, startup, or app, you need to take some time to look at my site and how it is run. I say in multiple places that I do not take sponsored posts, infographics, advertising, guest posts, do link exchanges, or sell links. I also don’t run a site for online gambling, so telling me it’s a ‘great fit’ for your website isn’t going to endear you to me either. I am always interested in creative ideas and exciting new products, but you need to explain why yours will help my site or readers. 

The best way to reach me is via email using the form below.

In addition, I can be found on Twitter, at the Legal Nomads Facebook Fan Page, and — most frequently of all — on Instagram.

For press / interviews I’ve done in the past, please see my Press/PR page.


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