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Hey! So glad you want to get in touch. Please read below before you do. It’ll save us both a headache.

I receive many emails, and I try to respond to all of them personally. I don’t have an assistant who replies to emails on my behalf. I want to be available to readers “as” me, and I have really enjoyed hearing their stories and experiences during my many years of travel.

Before you email me, please read through my guidelines below.

I welcome travel questions but before you send them, please take a look at my World Travel Resources page, my Resources for Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs prior to sending off your email. You might find your answer there and not need me after all.

For food-related questions, see my Resources for Food Travelers page or my book, The Food Traveler’s Handbook, or if street food is your jam, take a look at my popular post, How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick.

I am celiac. I get many food-related pitches for products that are wheat-filled. Please don’t write me if you want me to test your gluten-filled shiny new product that revolutionizes the way we eat. I can’t.

If you are a lawyer doing something interesting, you may be a great fit for my Thrillable Hours series about alternative careers for lawyers – contact away!

My life changed dramatically in 2017, with a medical procedure that left me disabled and unable to travel. As a result, pitches asking about whether I am interested in visiting a specific destination and/or “best places to travel” in x year are not a good fit any longer.

Before You Pitch

If you are pitching me a product, book, startup, or app, you need to take some time to look at my site and how it is run.

I don’t cover news or want to interview your shiny celebrity.

I do not take sponsored posts, infographics, advertising, guest posts, do link exchanges, or sell links.

I also don’t run a site for online gambling, so telling me it’s a ‘great fit’ for your website isn’t going to endear you to me either.

I am always interested in creative ideas and exciting new products, but you need to explain why yours will help my site or readers.

I can also be found on Twitter, on Facebook, and Instagram. For press / interviews I’ve done in the past, please see my Press/PR page.

Thank you!

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