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Your first step: my 10,000 word World Travel Resources page, divided into sections on packing, budgets from different countries around the world, advice for those who love to eat, technology, and so much more.

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Here are additional posts on Legal Nomads to help you plan your travels or answer those questions you’ve been asking as you are on the road.

Expert travel tips and help to make your travel planning easier.

Jet lag, overcoming obstacles, and attitudes about travel. These posts have it all.

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Solo female travel tips.

I receive a lot of questions about solo female travel, so I am dedicating a category to these posts, too. I don’t label myself “as” a solo female traveler, but I am a woman and I do often travel alone, so I wanted to answer the queries I receive in what is hopefully a helpful series of posts.

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Sickness and travel: not so great a combo.

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dengue fever symptoms and treatment

My Pain Explained:
Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a growing epidemic affecting 50-100million people worldwide. What I learned from it, along with symptoms & how to treat it.

Mount Agung at dawn in Bali, Indonesia

Getting Sick in Far Away Places

All of the ridiculous injuries, mishaps, bronchitis and motorcycle accidents that I’ve sustained during my 3+ years of round-the-world adventures.

For all of my travel sickness pieces, see here.

The overwhelming task of packing and planning for travel,

Choosing what to bring is one of the hardest things to tackle with long term travel. These are posts and resources pages that help with packing lists, as well as some opinionated ideas about whether you should leave your jeans at home. (Spoiler: take them.)

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packing for travel, years later.

Gear Update:
18 Months of Travel Later

I started my trip trekking in South America, but after moving on to Asia and spending over a year here thus far, I’ve significantly changed the way that I pack and wanted to update everyone on what works for me and what does not.

For all of my packing and planning posts, see here.