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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following before booking at the bottom of the page.

Walk FAQs

What is the capacity? 
Walk capacity is 5 guests.

Are walks offered only in English?
Walks are available in French and Spanish, but would be classified as a private tour (with increase in price) unless a group of 4 people are booking together. Please contact me for further details at

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, gift certificates are available. Please email me at or fill out my form on the Contact page.

Food Allergies & Restrictions

Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies or special considerations, and I will aim to accommodate you as best as possible.

For those with celiac disease like me, please keep in mind that while most of the vendors will be on the street, Much of Oaxacan food is naturally gluten-free, though one of the dishes (mole) will include wheat. For those with gluten restrictions, other options will be available. I am extremely sensitive to gluten and have eaten each of these dishes without an issue.

I cannot be held responsible for any guests not informing me of food allergies or dietary restrictions prior to the food walk.

Waiver & Release

By booking your Jodi Eats food walk, you agree to accept all risks associated with the walk and understand that Jodi Ettenberg is not responsible for the preparation of foods consumed on these tours and while arranging transportation, venue visits and other services, she does not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or damage due to any act or default of any company, organization or person engaged in transporting passengers, rendering service, or carrying out arrangements for any tour or by the act of default of any restaurant or shop or its employees.

You waive all claims of liability against Jodi Ettenberg for any illness/injury to anyone on this tour and/or loss/damage/theft to any attendee’s property while they are participating in any Jodi Eats Food Walks. All participants walk at their own risk and waive any liability claims against Jodi Ettenberg and Jodi Eats.

You hereby agree to grant Jodi Ettenberg and Jodi Eats a worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid up license to use your photographic, video, or digital likeness solely for promotional purposes and in the general course of business for the Jodi Eats Food Walks.

Booking a Walk & Rates

For Winter 2017 in Oaxaca, walks are $70.00 per person, up to a maximum of 5 people per walk. Advance purchase is required. This price includes the food stops, a chocolate and coffee break in the middle, and my time. I will send you a list of what we ate after the food walk is over, so you won’t need to take notes during our wanders and can just focus on the food :)

Bookings are not guaranteed until full payment is received and confirmation is provided. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged 100% of the amount at the time at the time of order.

All transactions are in U.S. Dollars. Refunds and/or walk modifications (change of date or type of food walk) will be accommodated up to one week before your selected date. After that period, bookings are non-refundable.

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