Health and Chronic Pain

anxiety and wellness when traveling long term

Health, Unconventional Living, and Coping with Pain

Long term travel does not take away all of life’s challenges, nor does it absolve us of spotlighting ourselves and who we want to be as we age. This page tackles the more serious topics from years of wandering, and the heath issues that followed.

After a decade on the road, a spinal tap derailed my life and left me disabled. I’ve had to learn about processing the grief of a big life change, and losing my mobility at the same time.

This page houses the posts I’ve written about fear and anxiety while traveling, as well as those in this new, more limited stage of my life. While the site never intended to veer into health and wellness, sometimes life takes you to very unexpected places.-

I hope it helps you find support in whatever you are facing today.



Facing fear, resilience, and working through anxiety: at home or abroad

These posts share my thoughts and personal progress with the things that scare me and the things I’ve been resistant to over the years.

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Personal updates about my health, long-term travel, and unconventional living.

These posts go into the nuts and bolts of these last years of building a business while traveling, as well as each year’s “annual review” on April 1, detailing what goals lie ahead and the important lessons learned during the prior year.

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Ranting, venting, and personal thoughts.

These posts are more personal in nature, about travel trends and smaller topics that interested me along the way.

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