Housekeeping Notes: Upcoming Events & Summer Plans

A very brief housekeeping post for upcoming events and a recent podcast about HCMC.

Summer meetups and events

I’ve never posted these before but since I’m moving around like a chicken with my head cut off this summer, I figured perhaps it would be good to have these in one place. As always, I love to meet readers as I travel and the summer meetups in Montreal and Toronto have been thus far great fun.


  • July 3rd at Hop Leaf in Andersonville, 7pm. RSVP here


  • If any readers are going to WDS, I’ll be speaking with Steve Kamb about community building on Sunday, 2:00pm-3:30pm.

New York

Hope to see you at one of the events above.

Fall Plans

After that, I suspect another Montreal meetup in August, and then I’ll be heading to India with my mum for a few weeks in September. It’s going to be quite a treat to get travel time with her! We’re following up our India trip with a week in Bangkok (foot massages and street food awaits).

While I miss Asia tremendously (and Vietnam specifically), I’ll be heading to Costa Rica in November to officiate my best friend’s wedding, and I’m thinking a month of taco-eating in Mexico thereafter before returning to Montreal for the holidays. After that, it’s back to Vietnam for me, wee!

On Next Steps and the Five Year Post

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments and enthusiasm on my post about five years of travel. I was overwhelmed by the cheerleading, and am grateful for all of the feedback you gave me.

People have asked about the food tours and my next steps. I still plan to start up the Jodi Eats tours and will do so as a test case in Bangkok the week of October 13-22, and then in Vietnam when I return in January. I’ve had a great time building the site thus far, but at present it’s full of placeholders so it’s not ready to be shared. I won’t be writing a blog on it –  just food resources (like these), a list of upcoming tours, and what the tours are about.

The gluten free site is also in the works, and if anyone has GF places they’ve tried on their travels or sites they love please do send them my way to

The site will launch as a database and resource, with an aim to eventually bring in experts to help answer questions for domestic and international travel with celiac disease. As someone who has glutened myself inadvertently many times around the world, I am sensitive to the need to understand what foods are safe and what are not, especially if the labels are in a foreign language. I’ll be partnering with my friend Andrea for this site. She is also celiac and loves food more than anyone.

Google Reader is Going Kaput

For those of you who read this on Google Reader, a reminder that the GOOG is removing the service as of July 1st. To export your data and Reader feeds, use Google Takeout – – and download to your computer. Or, import them directly to an alternative like Feedly. Digg is also launching its own reader (currently in Beta) here.

Podcast: HCMC

Taking advantage of this housekeeping note to post this Amateur Traveler Episode (“Travel to Ho Chi Minh City”) – a podcast with Chris2x about living and eating in Vietnam.

(See the Press/PR page for other podcasts.)

Back to regularly scheduled programming soon!



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