A hand-drawn typographic map of Thailand’s foods

I’m proud to share typographic map #2 in my series of designs, this time for Thailand.

Thank you for all the great feedback for the first one, so much so that the Vietnam maps have been continuously requested ever since my first campaign tipped. (I’ve also received over a dozen photos from readers wearing the Vietnam t-shirts as they’ve travelled. Great to see them in the wild.)

As I’ve said prior, I will be building an online store with a total of ten countries of delicious food. But my second country, as voted by readers, was Thailand.

I understand why.

Thailand food
Northern Thai meal during my last visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand

The design

As with the prior shirt, this is a collaboration with Ella Sanders, where I provided her with the names of the foods and she drew me a lovely map in the style of the first Vietnam project. We will be making all 10 maps in the same style, with Ella’s signature hand-drawn typography and a focus on trying to put the food names around the geographic place of their origin.

I would also like to thank the always-hungry Mark Wiens for his contributions in proofing the spelling after translation.

There is also a poster version, as you can see:

(Click on the poster for a link to the sales page)


The Thailand T-shirt

Thailand food map
Ladies t-shirt. Men’s and crew necks also available.

Men’s and women’s t-shirts available from my t-shirt page here.

Why t-shirts?

I’m excited to add to this site with a creative outlet that marries the things I love. In this case, food, typography, and maps. As with the Saigon food walks I started, this project is directly born out of the interest readers have shown in the site, and in thinking of creative ways to build on the work I already do. I’m also happy to support an independent and talented artist like Ella, and am thrilled to have her on board for this full project.

Thank you to those who supported the Vietnam maps, and I hope you like the Thailand one too!

Now the important question: What country should we build next?

(Leave me your suggestions in the comments, please — this was how we decided to do Thailand, and I’m happy to let you steer the boat for the next iteration of this series.)

Next up…

I will be using this boat ride to catch up on posts here, from Greece and Berlin and time the UK, as well as pre-trip reading for Japan.


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