Thanks for reading! Here’s a list of the posts on Legal Nomads, organized by month of publication. The number in brackets next to each post is the amount of comments it received. I hope you enjoy!

July 2015

Wanaka, New Zealand in 35 Photos (35)

June 2015

Thrillable Hours: Jonathan Morse, Artist (6)

April 2015

Thrillable Hours: Kate Jackson, Entrepreneur (6)

Fishing for Socks in Lisbon (61)

A Lisbon Welcome (36)

Personal musings after 7 years of Legal Nomads (72)

January 2015

Thrillable Hours: Lan Cao, author and lawyer (5)

Introducing the Legal Nomads Shop (8)

2015 Travel Plans (85)

December 2014

Japan in 77 Photos (86)

Hungry and Haunted in Hue (36)

November 2014

How to make the most of a repositioning cruise (34)

October 2014

Recipe of the Month: Spicy Baked Feta (Bouyiourdi) (31)

Gluten Free in Greece (21)

August 2014

A New York Moment (27)

July 2014

The Birds are Back (30)

Thrillable Hours: Michelle Lin, Stationery Designer (8)

May 2014

Why I Love Saigon (73)

April 2014

Thrillable Hours: Erin Geiger Smith, Journalist (4)

The Bride Wore Red in New Zealand (24)

FAQs after 6 years of travel (120)

February 2014

Savouring a Temporary Calm in Saigon (36)

January 2014

What Not to Do When you Get Dengue (107)

Thrillable Hours: Allison Suter, Tax Entrepreneur (15)

A Very Canadian Christmas (37)

December 2013

Photoessay: A Holiday Cow Extravaganza (34)

Introducing Jodi Eats Food Walks (54)

December 2012

Happy Holidays from Vietnam! (20)

The Overview Effect, Mindfulness and Travel (25)

My first (delicious) impressions of Vietnam (104)

November 2012

Passports with Purpose 2012: Help Build Clean Water Wells in Haiti (4)

Chefchaouen, Morocco in Photos (55)

This Legal Nomad is off to Vietnam (78)

Vivid Memories in Chefchaouen, Morocco (69)

October 2012

Instagramming Iceland (41)

September 2012

Bologna in a Blur (13)

Instagramming Portugal (33)

Summer Chaos and Fall Plans (48)

August 2012

Serendipity: The Redux (29)

How to Add Some Excitement to Your Travel Day (53)

Video Trailer for my Food Book (9)

June 2012

A Brief Interlude for Curry (23)

On Those Long Travel Days (63)

A Peaceful Quiet in Quebec’s Eastern Townships (36)

April 2012

Practical Tips from 4 Years of Traveling The World (211)

February 2012

Photoessay: Istanbul Through a Pinhole (54)

Crash Course Marrakech: Stay, Do, Eat (52)

Thrillable Hours: Marianne Elliott, the Zen Peacekeeper (5)

January 2011

Pink is the New Awesome (30)

Featured Photo: Rome’s Colosseum At Night (8)

My First Week in Chiang Mai (70)

The Crumbling Ochre Temples of Bagan, Burma (10)

This Legal Nomad is Heading to Thailand (51)

September 2010

Help Me Get My Travel Memories Back (100)

Climbing Mandalay Hill in Burma (Myanmar) (10)

The Hater’s Guide to Eat, Pray, Love (14)

Why I Love my Burmese Longyi (26)

March 2010

A List of Great People in Bangkok (11)

Massive Red March takes over the Streets of Bangkok (5)

Red Shirt Protests in Bangkok (12)

March 2009

Welcome to the Philippines! (8)

How to Pack and Plan for a Round-The-World Trip (0)

February 2009

LN Guest Post: Audrey Takes on Acongacua (1)

Northern Thailand Wrap-Up (2)

January 2009

What do to in Bangkok, Thailand (7)

Home for the Holidays (8)

December 2008

Potato Meets His Thai Relatives (2)

A Month to Remember: 844km by Motorbike in Northern Thailand (2)

October 2008

Wrap-Up: Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Singapore (2)

All in a Beijing Block (6)

Some Housekeeping Items (1)

Camping out on the Great Wall of China (Not so Legally) (9)

3rd Trans-Sib Wrap Up: Mongolian Dreams (13)

August 2008

Visa Hell: The Domestic Edition (4)

Blog Silence (4)

July 2008

Summer in the City (5)

The State of The Trip – 100 Days In (3)

The Prognosis (3)

From Bright Lights/Big Cities to No Lights/No Cities (2)

March 2008

The First of Many Potato Posts (2)

Temporary Itinerary (6)