All about food from my years of travel. This category includes writing about where food comes from and the history behind ingredients we love, recipes, resources for celiacs like me, and a lot of narrative telling the stories behind what we eat.

brief history of fish sauce

A Brief History of Fish Sauce

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something twisting and turning, rhythmic and precise. It was only when I was directly in front of the Saigon street stall that I realized what was unfolding: the owner, a smiling […]

The Essential Gluten Free Guide to Greece

The Essential Gluten Free Guide to Greece

It was midway through my dessert when I realized that I might have made a mistake. A soft and pliable custard topped with honey was resting on a base that seemed far too wheat-like for my stomach’s tastes, a deliciously dense and textured […]