Where to Get the Best Smoothie in Chiang Mai

Best smoothie in chiang mai mrs pa

Hypothetically, let’s just say you’re in Chiang Mai and it’s a hot day. You’re pretty sweaty; you’ve seen a slew of  beautiful temples and you’re fairly certain one more might put you over the edge. You’re thirsty – really thirsty – and a smoothie might just bring you back to a place of sanity. There’s no shortage of smoothie spots in this relatively tiny town, but I’m here to tell you where to get the best smoothie in Chiang Mai.

From this lady:

This woman makes the best smoothie in Chiang Mai
This woman makes the best smoothie in Chiang Mai

Using this fruit:

Strawberries from just outside Chiang Mai
Strawberries from just outside Chiang Mai

Across from this covered market:

Chiang Mai Gate market
Chiang Mai Gate market

Popular with locals, tourists and even the occasional animal:

Not technically related to smoothies but a fan nonetheless!
Not technically related to smoothies but a fan nonetheless!

I found out about what my Chiang Mai friends affectionately refer to as “Smoothie Lady’s Cart” from Bessie & Kyle, who were the ones to give me a one week crash course when I arrived here in January. I’ve been many times since, getting huge bear hugs and a winning smile from the Smoothie Lady herself, Mrs. Pa.

Smoothies for the whole family!
Smoothies for the whole family!

I loved her smoothies so much, in fact, that I had to write a whole article for CnnGo about them. In the process, I was able to interview Mrs. Pa and go with her to the morning market where she buys her fruit. I learned that she was actually an office worker before, but inherited the smoothie cart and ditched the cubicle for the nightly market without regrets. S0 (you knew this was coming….): head on over to CnnGo to  learn more about the woman behind the best smoothie’s in all of Chiang Mai.

Given the comments thus far, I’m not the only one who is a big fan of Mrs. Pa!


16 thoughts on “Where to Get the Best Smoothie in Chiang Mai”

  1. What is it with you and all these desserts lately? It doesn’t help that I read this stuff when I am hungry! :)

  2. Thanks for posting.

    Totally the best smoothie ever. Strawberry and lemon. Mmmmmm.

    A very kind person to go with that.

  3. This makes me realise I COMPLETELY forgot to have a smoothie when I spent a few days in Bangkok in January…what is WRONG with me?!?! It’s the best part of Thailand!! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Someone actually went by her stall yesterday and brought their iPhone, showing her the article. By the time I got there for my daily smoothie, she practically jumped out of her chair to give a hug. Yay! So glad she liked the piece too and that someone already used it to find her.

    Seb: so great to have you and Lucie here for a few days.

  5. I never got one! She was closed the first time (and then you told me she only opened in the evening) and then the next time I went she was closed! :-(

  6. Great post, Jodes. It’s so lovely to highlight her – she’s such a kind woman & you’re right, she always mixes a great smoothie! A trip to CM is incomplete without stopping to see her.

  7. I wish I would have known about this lady when I was in Chiang Mai. I consumed my smoothies at the guesthouse where I stayed. They were good, but I am sure these are the best. Next time I will know better.

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