Exploring the Dominican Republic’s North Coast

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be heading to Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic on my first press trip. Thanks to the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism’s interest in travel blogging, I’ll be their guest for the next five days, primarily exploring the north coast of the island. The trip begins in Santo Domingo, winds around the Samaná peninsula and then takes us toward Puerto Plata, close to Cabarete. As first press trips go, this one seems well-suited to my travel activities: there will be hiking, snorkling and canyoning, as well as horseback riding.

Press trip in the Dominican Republic

The question of a press trip is an interesting one. As many of you who have been following the site know, I did not quit my job as a lawyer in order to be a travel writer or photographer, I simply quit for a sabbatical, started a blog for my mum, and somehow along the way aggregated enough readers that I started seriously thinking about this site as the basis for a new career.

The travel blogging industry is exploding, and many of the people working within it have been far more strategic and business oriented that I have. For the years of travel, I have figured it out as I’ve gone along, not truly being as strategic as others. I am grateful that this site has grown but there is no question that being a full time travel blogger just wasn’t in the cards for me before — or during — the first two years.

Many traditional writers do take FAM (familiarization) trips as a way of subsidizing their travels, trips that lead to the pieces that they eventually pitch to freelance outlets. Sites like the New York Times travel section do not allow you to write for them if you have taken comps, whereas other magazines turn a blind eye, and yet others have no issues at all.

As online writing and traditional writing blur into one platform in the eyes of readers, it will be interesting to see what happens with press trips and disclosure and the future of travel writing. In my case, I don’t plan  to make a habit of trips like these but I am curious about how the Dominican Republic trip will go.

Here is a map of the trip:

itinerary dominican republic north coast

For additional information about the Dominican, head to Travels with Two’s Dominican binder.

Those of you who know me know that I’m a serious soccer fan, and I have been assured that we will be able to watch the World Cup‘s final two matches in the Dominican. And I’ll be joined by a great group of bloggers, including two great women who I had the pleasure of meeting at TBEX last weekend.


p.s. My flight over to the Dominican Republic was CRAZY.

20 thoughts on “Exploring the Dominican Republic’s North Coast”

  1. wow! That’s such an amazing opportunity! Congrats on your first one, I’m sure there will be many more!

    Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Shamefully, I had to look on a map where the Dominican Republic was exactly (I was right when I guessed the western hemisphere). Looks like fun, keep the blog posts coming and watch out for talking dogs and old men in blimps.

  3. Thanks everyone. The last time I was in the Dominican I was hitchhiking along the coastline, so this ought to be a big change! Excited to explore after over a decade away.

  4. I popped over to your blog to see where in the world you were these days. You know, because I missed tbex. I was shocked to see that we’ll be neighbours for a few days. I bet you’re going to really like the DR. They’re super nice folks in a real pretty little country. I hope your spanish is up to par though :) If you’re feeling a little punchy and end up on the other side of Hispaniola, give me a shout. Looking forward to your opinions of DR. Keep on truckin!

  5. Congrats on the press trip! I’ve never been to The Dominican Republic, so I can’t wait to read about it here!

  6. Ooh, sounds exciting! Looking forward to reading all about it – looks like it has already been an eventful trip, judging from your twitter feed!

  7. That is sweet Jodi! Glad you will be able to see the last two matches of the World Cup! I don’t have to tell you this, but, have a great time sampling the food too!

  8. Tip of the hat and a BIG HIGH 5 (you’ll have to jump for this one) from Poland. Nice work and looking forward to reading about your experience.

  9. Jodi! Way to go on the first press trip! Have fun senorita, and look forward to your DR tweets.

  10. Congrats on the trip! As much traveling as I’ve done, I’ve never been anywhere in the Caribbean, so I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

  11. Thanks for all the comments! Just got back from the trip, and it was great fun. Lots of adventure activities, a terrific group to share them with and I learnt a lot. Will be posting several different posts (and pictures) from the trip shortly.


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