Photo Highlights from 10 days in Jordan

After a terrific 10-day trip to Jordan as a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board, I’m back in Bangkok. With two weeks before I fly back to the States for the summer, I’ve got time to process the swirl of memories from these last days and go through the mountain of photos from the trip. I’ve always said that being on a press trip wouldn’t preclude me from talking about negative aspects of the experience; there’s a professional, constructive way to discuss when things aren’t what you expected. But these 10 days were all that I could have wanted and more: camels, piles of delicious food, an insight into Bedouin culture and historical wonders aplenty. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the experience and am seriously considering heading back there for a few months to do more research and writing about spices and foods from Jordan. I’ll be posting about each of those topics (especially the camels and the spices!), but until then here are some highlights of my trip.

Photos from Jordan

The Food in Jordan:

Making jameed in Feynan Bedouin woman making jameed, a fermented yoghurt used in the national Mansaf dish, in Feynan.


Hummus in Jordan Hummus in Jerash, at our (delicious!) lunch break.


Mezze aplenty in near Ajloun Many small plates (mezze) at a delicious lunch with a Druze family in Azraq.


The Scenes:

Overlooking the Dead Sea in Jordan The Dead Sea from above.


Ajloun Forest Reserve Overlooking the lush Ajloun Forest Reserve.


Shannon and jodi in Amman Me and Shannon (affectionately referred to by our friends in Chiang Mai as “The Shodi Show”) overlooking Amman.


Wadi Rum at Daybreak Wadi Rum at daybreak, just after a dawn camel ride.


The Ruins:

One small part of the ruins at Jerash, Jordan One small part of the ruins at Jerash.

Rocks from PetraDeep colors in the sandstone rocks of Petra, Jordan.


The Camel:

Baby Camel in Wadi Rum, Jordan A 10-day old baby camel in Wadi Rum, Jordan.


All told, my trip can be summarized thusly:

Me at The Monastery in Petra, Jordan
Me at The Monastery in Petra, Jordan

Definitely a great time.

More to come shortly from Jordan and wrapping up my time in Chiang Mai!


As a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board, I visited Jordan for 10 days in early May, eating piles of delicious food, learning about history and hugging baby camels. While my trip and accommodations were sponsored, the opinions expressed herein and photos used in this post are solely my own.
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