Conferences, A New Site Design and Summer Plans

Fractal Art in Shades of Blue and Saffron

It’s amazing how fast time flies. When I set out for Asia this January, I was slightly panicked at the soonness with which I’d be heading back to North America. January to June is little time at all, and less than my usual trips abroad. But I’ve got an exciting summer, an excellent contrast to all that I lived back in Asia this winter and spring. For starters, I’m in Seattle. And it’s cold, and it’s hard to talk to people because you genuinely feel like you’re that person, always referring back to your travels. Granted, travel is my gauging point, the one constant in my life the last three years.But only a very small subset of people care deeply about pad pongali or Penang Curry, especially when you’re waxing poetic about a dish you recently had that cost all of $1.05.

Penang CurryMy last days in Bangkok involved food. Lots and lots of food.

I wanted to send out a small update about the next few weeks as posting will be light due to conferences and general moving around. Some exciting things:

Legal Nomads is going to have a whole new look in just a few days.

Thanks to the synchronicity of meeting superstar design/coding team Bridgid and Brian in Chiang Mai I went ahead with a redesign I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. The color scheme will be saffron, deep blue and black/gray with an emphasis on photography and cleaner lines. I’ve enjoyed the ease of this Arras theme, but it’s too boxy for my tastes.

When I tried to figure out the color scheme, I found this great fractal art and it has all of the shades I had in mind for the new site:

Fractal Art in Shades of Blue and Saffron

I’ll be giving my first public speech (other than in high school – does that count?) at the World Domination Summit this Saturday.

I’m very thankful Chris asked me to speak, but have to say – more than slightly nervous. I’m also really looking forward to meeting all the people in attendance, as well as the other panelists.  The conference is about living life unconventionally and I’m excited to hear what the keynote speakers have to say.

Next up, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and NY

I’ll be headed to Vancouver for the Travel Blog Exchange Conference next weekend, then back to the east coast for family reunions, weddings and a summer of seeing all the people I’ve missed during these last months of travel. And eating lots of sharp cheddar cheese. I’ll be around Montreal, Toronto and NY for most of the summer months.

CORRECTION: my brother has rightfully pointed out, below, that I will be in Ottawa with him and his friends for Canada Day. Sorry Cale!

And then, who knows!

Plenty of great opportunities and places to live. As always, you’ll hear about it on Legal Nomads when I figure out what’s next. In the interim, I’ll be posting quite a bit more from Jordan this summer, as well as needed food roundups from Thailand and sights from Laos.

Thanks, as always, for reading!


35 thoughts on “Conferences, A New Site Design and Summer Plans”

  1. Welcome back to North America. It’s great to see so many friends making their way across the globe on the way to Vancouver.

    I get you about talking to people here. I feel like I have a bad case of mentionitis when it comes to Asia, so I find myself checking what I am about to say so I don’t become that person.

    All the best with WDS – Chris has chosen well picking you as a speaker :)

  2. Stoked to see the new design. I’m planning my own redesign of OhHeyWorld sometime in the next few months, so I know how giddy you must be to unveil your new site.

  3. And Ottawa, yes? You will be spending time in Ottawa as well? For Canada Day? With Will and Kate? Yes. Yes you are.

    1. So this is what it takes to get my brother to comment on my site? ;) Yes, yes – Canada Day in Ottawa (potentially not with Will and Kate though, non?). Looking forward to seeing you and Button!

  4. Hmm, I must see if I can fit in a trip to Montreal or NY in the summer. I recall you saying you were taking off to South America in the fall — which is no longer happening for me — so hopefully we can meet on the East Coast sometime!

    Good luck on your talk at WDS and have fun at TBEX!


    1. I’m not sure what the fall will bring at the moment – still nothing planned. But an East Coast reunion sounds great and if not, I’m sure I can be strongarmed into visiting SF :) Thanks Cheri!

    1. Ha! Said like a true Maritimer. As you know, those of us from TO and Montreal still call our provinces the East Coast, despite not having a view of the Atlantic. But I can appreciate how that must piss you guys all off. (Not going to stop doing it though ;)

      1. pffft. Get to Nova Scotia, then Newfoundland, THEN maybe we can talk about the East Coast…. :)

  5. Hi Jodi!

    Looking forward to seeing the changes on your website and really hope to have the chance to meet you at TBEX! You have plenty of fans here in NYC so if you want to get together as a group, I’m sure we can make that happen.


  6. Hopefully we can provide you with a tad less drizzle and a bit more sunshine while you’re here on the Emerald City

    Good luck w/ your speech at TBX’11, and do drop me a line if you need anything while you’re here in Seattle (if you have a spare afternoon, would love to take you out geocaching!)

    1. Thanks Dyanne! I’m off to PDX tomorrow for WDS (speaking there, not at TBEX) but have been staying with the lovely Pam from Nerdseyeview and she’s been a great hostess. Lovely city you have!

  7. I’m sure you’re going to rock that summit, Jodi. Being nervous is normal; I still get butterflies before every training presentation I do and I’ve been doing training for over 10 years.

    Do you know if there will be videos available from the summit?

    I’m curious as to what the site will look like after the redesign :)

    1. Thanks Carlos. I’m not sure if video will be available, but if they are I will post them here. You won’t have to wait too long for the redesign! :)

  8. Jeremy Branham

    Thanks for the update Jodi! Good luck with the new design and can’t wait to see it. More importantly, can’t wait to meet you in Vancouver! You’re one of the ones I look forward to meeting the most!


    Hey Jodi,
    Hopefully we can meet up this time! We bought a lake house north of montebello… if you want a swim. :)

  10. Sounds great Jodi! Can’t wait to meet you at TBEX – especially now that I know we have Erick in common as a mutual friend/former colleague!

  11. singlewithluggage

    Hey Jodi- Look forward to seeing the new design. Wish I were going to catch speech at WDS. I JUST saw Mark Powers in Portland, and am very sorry I had to leave before your arrival for the WDS. You’ll be amazing, no doubt!! -Lucinda

  12. And even a smaller subset of people would truly appreciate your comment: “But only a very small subset of people care deeply about pad pongali or Penang Curry, especially when you’re waxing poetic about a dish you recently had that cost all of $1.05.”

    I wanted to forward it on to a few friends, but couldn’t think of anyone…

  13. Selfishly speaking, I’m so glad you’re back on this continent so I can see you soon! I also can’t wait to see your redesign. I love those colors.

  14. Can’t wait for the new site design mate. Feel free to drop past Europe if you find yourself bored over there, I’ve got a pint with your name on it waiting.

  15. Jodi, that speech was the best of the day, as I just told you in person. Well done and I am your newest rabid follower.

  16. Looking forward to the new design! And here’s to a wonderfully productive and above all, relaxing summer.

  17. Jodi, a pleasure to meet you this weekend. Your speech was amazing, made only more amazing by your confession that it was the first time – you definitely rocked it! See you in Vancouver!

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  19. Globetrottergirls

    Congratulations to the new design! The site looks fabulous. Excited to read that you’ll be spending most of the summer in Canada – we would love to meet you in Toronto or Montreal – we’ll be house-sitting in Canada in July/August. Let us know if you’re up for a tweet-up :)

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