Photos from Myanmar: Myitkyina, Inle Lake, Mandalay and More

I’ve posted some photoessays from my time in Myanmar already – an adventurous train trip up to Myitkyina (now off limits and increasingly violent as ethnic war between Myanmar’s army and the Kachin continues), a solar eclipse by slow boat plying the waters between Bhamo and Mandalay, and a remarkable morning at Thiri Mingalar market in Yangon, wedged between green bananas and piles of ginger. There was also a grumpier post, about the ridiculous bus rides in the country, going from worse to worse-er.

Though I’d written the specific posts, I hadn’t put up all of the corresponding photos. So I wanted to share a photoessay here.

Myanmar in Photos: Myitkyina, Inle Lake, Mandalay, and More

From Yangon.

Myanmar Photos: Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon
Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

From Mandalay:

Nepali food in Mandalay
Nepali food in Mandalay
Shan-style bags in Mandalay
Shan-style bags in Mandalay
Shwe In Bin team monastery, Mandalay
Shwe In Bin team monastery, Mandalay

From Inle Lake:

Myanmar Photos: Fisherman on Inle Lake
Fisherman on Inle Lake

From Bagan:

Myanmar Photos: bagan balloons at dawn
Balloon rising over Htilminlo Paho at dawn in Bagan, Burma.

From Myitkyina:

Kachin child with her family in Myitkyina
Kachin child with her family in Myitkyina
Kachin woman in Myitkyina

From the long (disastrous) boat ride from Myitkyina to Sinbo to Bhamo:

The Irawaddy near Bhamo, Myanmar
The Irawaddy near Bhamo

From Moulmein:

Overlooking the Nwa Le Bo Pagoda, Moulmein
Overlooking the Nwa Le Bo Pagoda

From Hpa-An:

Hpa-An's Saddar Caves
Hpa-An’s Saddar Caves

And from the Golden Rock:

Prayers at the Golden Rock
Prayers at the Golden Rock
Nuns atop the Golden Rock - all smiles until someone took out a camera!
Nuns atop the Golden Rock – all smiles until someone took out a camera!

Brought back some wonderful memories to compile this photoessay!

I’m about to leave England after a great few months with my brother, Sarah and their friends. Today I’ll be in Turkey for just a few days, then on the move again – to Jordan for a short work contract, then to Thailand for a few months of writing and eating – and my friend Greg’s wedding to the lovely Aom. I actually don’t need to be in Istanbul again, but my $60 visa (Canada’s visa entry is the highest of all countries) is multi-entry, the food is great, the price was the same as flying LHR to Amman via a Gulf State, and I really need a haircut. My brother has enjoyed telling his friends at work “Oh, my sister’s going to Istanbul for a haircut and some kebap.”

This may be the life a long-term traveller, but I concede it sounds ridiculous. Hilarious, but ridiculous.

I’ve got a bunch of announcements coming up, but for starters I’ll be putting together a newsletter in the coming weeks, to be sent out a few times a month. The content will be mostly links I’ve curated from around the internet, much of which ends up on my Twitter stream. Those of you who follow me there know that I post primarily tech, science and hard news, with a smattering of cute animals in between. Curating the internets is something I used to do as a lawyer too, sending out daily links emails at the end of each day. So I thought it would be fun to bridge the Twitter stream and the blog. It will also give me a chance to share the other projects I’m involved with that aren’t posted here at Legal Nomads.

More to come soon! I’ve still got some service-y posts – where to eat, stay and what to do in Marrakesh, and the same for Istanbul. Then, a series of photoessays from Turkey, most of which will involved food.


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