The Best Haircut I’ve Had on my Travels

I spent November in Istanbul, in awe of the evocative, beautiful architecture and delicious food.  I also got a much-needed haircut. When I finally left England for some consulting work in Amman, I could have booked a flight through one of the countries in the Gulf, or via Istanbul. It was slightly more expensive to fly through Turkey, but my friends Cheri and Nick were going to be in town and I really wanted to see them. Also, I needed another haircut. So I returned to what has quickly become one of my favourite cities for 4 nights before continuing on to Jordan.

my hairdresser in Istanbul is right near Sulemaniye mosque
Sulemaniye Mosque, Istanbul, shot through a pinhole

My reason: a hairdresser in Istanbul

While not the usual Myanmar photoessays or posts about Morocco, I wanted to write this short piece to provide a ringing endorsement for my tiny salon in Sultanahmet. Yes, it is slightly ridiculous that I hopped over to a whole new country for a haircut and a few drinks with friends. But having had my locks sheared to bits by a Thai hairdresser and shredded by an Ecuatorian hairdresser, I was fairly excited to find this lovely lady, Sevgi, to cut my hair.

hairdresser in istanbul in Sultanahmet
Post-haircut smiles

The salon has a man’s shaving and haircut room in the front, and a separate door to lead into the women’s part of the building at the back. It’s a five second walk from Agora Hostel where I tend to stay (personally recommended by a friend and a wonderful base to explore the city) and two extra minutes of walking will put you directly between the Blue Mosque and Ayasofia. Not a bad place to pop in and get a trim.

[Note: I was going to include the bonus fact that the salon has a ridiculously cute duck in front of it, adopted by the block’s restaurants and roaming the sidewalks for all to enjoy. However, two days before I returned to Istanbul it was hit by a car and is, in the words of its owner, ‘is kaput.’ Sad face. I include a photo for my memories and yours. Maybe by the time you go for your haircut there you will find they have a new duck? Who knows.]
The Sultanahmet Duck (RIP)
The Sultanahmet Duck (RIP)

For those of you interested in a cut or shave of your own:

Salon Kadir, in Sultanahmet –

Cankurtaran Meydanı #10 (Opposite Cankurtaran train station, near Topkapı Palace)

In the time since this post was put up, I’ve received some great photos of readers who went to check out the salon and get a haircut. So happy that people are loving their cuts just as I did!

Next up: a Thrillable Hours interview with a former peacekeeper turned yogi and a crash course for Marrakesh, Morocco.


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