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Food Narrative

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History of chili peppers around the world

A Brief History of Chili Peppers

Ever wondered where the spicy chili comes from? This post traces the history of chili peppers from Mexico to Portugal to the rest of the world.

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Recipes from Around the World

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Food Artwork and Posters

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hand-drawn typographic map of vietnam

Introducing the Legal Nomads Shop

One of a kind maps, both in t-shirt and poster form, FINALLY available in a shop. Yeah, I know, it only took me six months to build it…

A book is not a living tree, unlike a blog post. Thus, while I am thrilled to share the tips and tricks and many resources I’ve gathered together in The Food Traveler’s Handbook, I also wanted to house additional sources of knowledge. This page will continue to grow, even before a 2nd edition of the book is released, with books to read, sites to learn from and delicious food to focus on from around the world.

Inspiring Reads for Food Lovers

Food Sites to Learn From

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than learning about the stories and history behind the foods on my plate. Here are a few websites that I turn to time and time again as starting points for these culinary explorations:

Food Sites to Drool Over

While the sites above certainly delve into history or culture, they are primarily sources of inspiration, drooling and new recipes to try. From Asia to South America and beyond, here are my favourite food sites to explore from the comfort of my desk chair:

  • 101 Cookbooks: gorgeously designed site that documents one woman trying the recipes in all the cookbooks she owns.
  • Chowhound: Extremely food-obsessed users with trip reports from countries around the world, suggestions about where to eat and many options for street eats – all you have to do is search or ask .
  • CNN Travel Food: Food how-to’s and mini guides for finding the best eats.
  • Culinary Back Streets: Food and food tours in Shanghai, Istanbul and Athens, by the founders of Istanbul Eats.
  • Eat Boutique: Recipes and writing focusing on small-batch market food and a love of all things to eat.
  • Eating Asia: Istanbul, Asia and Southeast Asia focus, emphasis on cultural and local aspect of food from writer Robyn Eckhardt and her husband David Hagerman, a photographer.
  • Food 52: recipes for all types of tastebuds from food writers and chefs.
  • Food by Country: Exactly what it sounds like!
  • Global Table Adventure: 195 countries in 195 weeks, with plenty of recipes from around the world.
  • Gluten-free Girl: Recipes, narrative and photography about gluten-free eats.
  • James Beard Bites: James Beard culinary award blog, featuring politics, food trends and food news
  • MidEats: Middle Eastern food and culture.
  • Migrationology: Mark Wiens’ site with primarily Southeast Asian focus, emphasis on food photo essays and street food guides in different cities around the world.
  • Naomi Duguid: James Beard award-winning chef with a philosophy of immersion through food and musings about culture and eating.
  • Ravenous Couple: Wonderful site focusing primarily on Vietnamese food and recipes, with a fair share of history thrown in. Their photography is wonderful too.
  • Simple Comfort Food: Dax Philipps lives in Wisconsin but his kitchen global. Great recipes with photos and instructions from around the world.
  • Tangerine and Cinnamon: a great blog by Sarah Emily, a South African historian who specialises in histories of childhood, food, and medicine.
  • Tasting Cultures: A blog that looks at the world through the lens of food, culture, the arts, and the environment.
  • Taxi Gourmet: Eating the world via recommendations from taxi drivers. Mainly in New York, Buenos Aires and Berlin.
  • The Perennial Plate: Adventurous and sustainable eating, primarily video.
  • Smitten Kitchen: Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in NYC; great photography.
  • Umami Mart: International food and drink blog with focus on Japanese cuisine.
  • Viet World Kitchen:  An exploration of Asian cuisine through recipes, history and great the photography of Andrea Nguyen.
(More tips and tricks available in the Food Traveler’s Handbook, now for sale on Amazon.)