All about food from my years of travel. This category includes writing about where food comes from and the history behind ingredients we love, recipes, resources for celiacs like me, and a lot of narrative telling the stories behind what we eat.

Dumplings in Brooklyn from Dumplings & Things

Cheap Eats New York: My Top Picks

I have a food problem: I love good food, but refuse to pay a premium price for it, especially when saving up for a round-the-world trip. Here are my top cheap eats in New York City, after 6 years of living in the Big Apple. Enjoy!

Lobster steamed to perfection

A delicious lobster dinner in El Nido, Palawan

One of the great things about living in El Nido is the abundance of fresh, delicious seafood, at a price point that makes most tourists salivate. A whole grilled fish is usually the cheapest thing on the menu here (from 120-260 pesos/$2.50-$3.35), and is usually stuffed with herbs, tomatoes and onions.


All in a Beijing Block

To let Beijing (and its grime and and mist and smog) seep deep into your bloodstream necessarily requires you to bike around incessantly until the chaos and noise and intersection of millions of lives starts to make some sense, starts to meld together into a comprehensive pattern – which is exactly what I did.

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