Lombok to Flores by boat

Adventures in Indonesia:
Lombok to Flores by Boat

Some trips start out with the sudden realization that something is just not right. My 4-night slow boat trip from Gili Trawangan, Indonesia to Flores Island was one of those trips. It began with my minibus driver’s drunken babbling, and progressed from there.

A Culture Clash Moment in Mataram, Indonesia

In my travels, I derive a ton of pleasure from the exquisite overlap of cultures that occurs in almost every country that I’ve devoured thus far. From the dichotomies and quirks of the Philippines to a 20-minute conversation with a 4-year-old in Beijing about why I was not wearing socks, endless pleasure – and great stories – are always born of these chance encounters.

Bus and Boat Adventures in Indonesia

Adventures in Indonesia:
Public Transportation

There are two fail-safe sensory overloads for the traveller who wants to learn about a new place: going to the local supermarket, replete with its adventurous, exciting foods and people watching, and taking public transportation, with all of the delays, break-downs and random farm animals that comes with it.